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It costs to have a service which provides videos and most regular tv services have limited channels providing quality Christian ministry.

So we decided to create our own online TV Station to provide you with a regular input of good ministry, teaching and fellowship in the Lord.

Gbm Television supplies you with regular ministry from various members of the Global Business Ministries Team.

Free Ministry Each Week

Weekly videos are free to watch, and some will continue to be available on our Archives page. Others, such as our high level Fivefold Training Courses, are provided weekly on an ongoing basis only one lecture per week.

All weekly publications are free and you may watch entire study courses this way, provided you watch each week.

However these lectures are only made available for one week at a time, so make sure to schedule time to watch them.

Full Courses Available For Download

If you wish to own a full set of our ministry training or other powerful teaching courses and seminars, you will be offered the opportunity to purchase them to download and watch at your convenience.

Then you will also be able to obtain not only the video’s, but also audio files and transcripts as well as published ebooks for each course.

We Cater For All Needs

No matter what your level of spiritual maturity, we have something that will bless you on one or more of our regular channels.

Once you find a speaker or series that you enjoy, you can return each week to watch the next edition.

All videos are made available for at least a week at a time, so if you are not able to watch them when they .are first published, you can choose a more convenient day to catch up.

Some publications will be available for longer than a week, and some will even be placed in our Archives, where you can view them again in the future.

Tell Us What You Think

Please let us know what you think of Gbm Television and if you have any suggestions or comments, drop us a line using the Contact Us page link found just below the page banner.

You can go there directly using this web link:

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